About Us

Bond Education Group is one of the largest private education institutions in Canada. It is the pioneer of international education in the province of Ontario.


Providing primary and secondary education programs, pre-university programs, post-secondary career education, leadership and professional development training, and international education cooperation services. It is comprised of Bond International College, Bond Academy, Bond Centre for Leadership & Management Development, Bond Schools International, Bond Language Centre and New Skills College of Health, Business and Technology.


The ethos of Bond Education Group: “Integrated care for all our students, driven by students needs, changing with time, strengthened through innovation.” Our mission is to ensure academic and personal success for students by integrating care with a challenging educational program.

Why Choose Us?

For over 30 years, Bond has established a reputation for success and educational excellence.  With students from all over the world, Bond is a place for nurturing and producing international talents.


From Montessori pre-elementary children to senior government officials our commitment to students is to provide an integrated learning, living and personal development environment that is founded on academic achievement and is driven by students’ needs.

A Gift from Bond Students – Volunteering at Local Community

On December 22nd, Bond students gave a unique gift by volunteering at Ellesmere Community Centre, to help for the annual Project Engagement program co-founded by the Toronto City Councillor Michael Thompson and his friend Vincent Gasparro.

Our Partners